Web Development

As a web application development company, we have built all sorts of web applications, We work on projects both big and small.

UX/UI Design

Using human-centered design tools, we create digital products that help organizations enhance the value they provide to people.

App Development

We help you drive customer engagement and sales by building applications on the Apple and Google app stores.

Software Development

Our engineering team has a lot of experience developing complex web-based business systems with multiple users.

E-Commence Development

If you have a store or need a new one, our web development services can surely help you. We can create a store for you from scratch.

Digital Marketing + SEO

You’ll immediately benefit from a boost in your marketing capabilities. We’ll give you advanced search engine optimization.

Software Development Solutions

Every business has its unique requirements, we understand this, first thing we do with every project is to get a understanding what you as a business and what your customers require.

CodeByUK service includes App Development from design stage until the App is published in the App store or Google Play Store, we will help you setup the relevant accounts and support the submission process to the relevant stores.

Speed Optimization 95%
Creative Design 90%
Marketing 85%
Web Development 92%
App Development 95%
Software Development 90%

Our Development Process

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, CodeByUK follow a development process to make your enterprise mobile app development initiative a success.

Requirements Defining Project


First we will Identify your demographics, then we will check what is your competition doing, followed by what are the app’s goals and objectives

This is when Things Start to Get Real

Analysis and Planning

After the requirements for your app have been set, we prepare a product & developement roadmap, including working out required resources & costs, then discuss your minimum-viable-product (MVP)

Design User Experience & Look and Feel

UI / UX Design

Prime objective of the UI / UX design is to create excellent user experiences making your app standout, be interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly. Your app must be easy to use with primary user experience to keep app users engaged.

Let the development begin

App Development

App Development team now start the coding, backend teams are writing API’s so Mobile Application can interface with the Backend systems. Android and iOS development runs in parallel giving App deliverables at a same time.

Most important aspect of your App


We can perform thorough quality assurance testing, or work with your inhouse team to undertake this task. During the mobile app development process our developer are regularly test your application to make sure it is stable, usable, and secure.

Time to submit your app to the app stores

Deployment & Support

Releasing your new shiny mobile app requires submission to the app stores, Apple App Store for iOS apps and Google Play for Android apps. We will support you with creating developer accounts with Apple App Store and Google Play Store then help you with launching your mobile app



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