Custom AOSP OS

Customise Android Operating System Service

Does your business require a Mobile phone with custom features?
CodeByUK can customise certain Android Based Mobile Devices, with a custom ROM, this can be useful for Medical Devices which require a custom reader.

CodeByUK Android Operating System Engineer can do the following
  • Remove all Apps from the the Phone leaving just your Business app
  • Remove Messaging and Phone Functionality
  • Update Lockdown – meaning the phone will no longer receive OS Updates 
  • Custom Security Features
  • And loads more

We have customised multiple handsets in the past ranging from Samsung devices, Sony Devices and some Chinese Own Brands. Please Note  this service will only work with certain mobile phones and please be aware customisation of the Android Operating System will void the Manufacturers warranty.

This service is for companies whom are looking to integrate a Mobile Device into their medical system and they require custom functionality for the mobile phone such as, they would like to use the phone as a Reader for a Bluetooth enabled Medical Device.

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