Hire Development Team

We Build Your Own Fully Integrated Development Team

We set up your world-class software development team  and take care of all the administration, so that you can focus on getting work done.

  • We build your team
  • We run your operations
  • You work directly with your team
  • Mobile Apps – Android, IOS or Cross Platform Development
  • NodeJS,  ReactsJS, Laravel, PHP, C#
  • MongoDB, Postgres, Mysql, Firebase
  • Desktop Applications , Web Applications
  • Get in touch with your requirements, our Prices are unbeatable with Development at the best standards.
  • Hire 1 developer or 20 developers CodeByUK can support your project

Custom Solutions For Every Industry

Every business has its unique requirements, we understand this, first thing we do with every project is to get a understanding what you as a business and what your customers require.

We support your team to get the right requirements in place, before any design or a line of code is written.


Agile Methodoligy
How We Work
  • Support you with User Requirements Specs
  • Design Wireframes
  • Design UI / UX Designs
  • Development
  • Internal Testing 
  • Technical Documentation

When we are at the Development  stage of the project we follow the Agile methodology principle for software development. With most of our projects CodeByUK team work in small sprints usually around 2 weeks.  Some of our clients request regular updates for the their apps and our goal is to provide them a testable version of the app every 2-3 weeks, this allows the client to make any changes if they wish to the project at the early stage saving time and money.  We have learnt from previous projects it doesn’t matter how good the requirements given to CodeByUK at the start of the project the client always requests changes in the middle and at the end of the project.  Product Owners and Project Managers, know what we mean 😉

From Design to Publishing App to Store

CodeByUK service includes App Development from design stage until the App is published in the App store or Google Play Store, we will help you setup the relevant accounts and support the submission process to the relevant stores.

Internal testing support will also be provided if required, where we will setup TestFlight and Android Testing Environments for your App 

App Development Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is dependent on the project, as every project  is unique. These are some of the things  we have to take into consideration when we provide you a quote: 

Do you require an Android and iOS app?

Do you require a Online Portal / Admin Panel?

How complex the design is

How many custom views will be required  

How Many Screens, graphics, we have to generate.

Contact us and we will discuss your project and then we can provide you clear quote. 

Depending on the complexity of the App and project, but on average it takes us around 12 weeks to complete a Android and iOS app

Yes. CodeByUK can Maintain and fix bugs/issues you may have with your current Android or iOS app